A Rug Weaver’s Tale

A Rug Weaver’s Tale is a hands-on learning program based on the art and culture of the oriental rug. Over one hundred schools and organizations have participated, since Melissa Gregorian, third-generation rug expert and professional educator, first presented her unique program in 1995.

A Rug Weaver's Tale has been created for Kindergarten through Third-Grade children. The program offers interdisciplinary learning to augment your curriculum. It helps foster understanding of the world's cultures, customs and traditions, while it develops an appreciation for an ancient craft that continues to flourish to this day.

Multicultural Values
A Rug Weaver's Tale fosters multicultural understanding and builds awareness of how rural families work together to create hand-crafted artisitc objects; from raising sheep, to growing roots and vegetables for dyes, to weaving the actual rug.

Builds Skills
Children learn complex skills including math, science, geography, language and pattern recognition and can be tailored to current curriculum units.

Lively and Interactive
Badriah and Ali, a fictional brother and sister living in a Middle Eastern village, guide the students through the rug-making process. Through the eyes of these characters, students learn how culture influences art, craft and aesthetic values.

When and Where
Melissa Gregorian presents A Rug Weaver's Tale at your school or organization, or at Arthur T. Gregorian, Inc. Oriental Rugs in Newton Lower Falls. The program runs for two 45-minute sessions on consecutive days. Single sessions are also available. A modest fee covers materials and transportation. Programs for older students and field trips to Arthur T. Gregorian Oriental Rugs in Newton Lower Falls are available.

A Rug Weaver's Tale has been taught in over one hundred Massachusetts public and private schools and to children attending events at college and university art galleries. Among them are schools in Watertown, Newton, Brookline, Waltham, Quincy, Shrewsbury, Rockland and Dorchester. Museums and art galleries include The Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, The Concord Museum and Keene State College in New Hampshire.

For More Information or To Register
Contact Melissa Gregorian, education and outreach director, by telephone: (617) 244-2553 or
e-mail: mgregorian@gregorianrugs.com or print out and fax the following form.