Decorating with Oriental Rugs

There are no rules for decorating your home or office with Oriental Rugs. However, you may want to keep these 5 points in mind as you embark on the grand adventure of shopping for an Oriental Rug for you and your decor.

1) Decorate from the floor up.
Wall coverings, painted surfaces and window treatments are updated as fashions come and go, but an Oriental Rug can last a lifetime. Your handmade Oriental Rug may be one of the most expensive items in your room. Let it set the tone.

2) Complement existing decor.
If you're not starting from scratch, select a rug that works well with your furniture, pieces of art, and the interior decoration theme you now have. Fortunately, Oriental Rugs come in many sizes to complement any exisitng decor with rich texture and luxurious color.

3) Trust your good taste.
You don't have to be an Oriental Rug expert to select a rug that works with your color, style and decorative theme. No one knows better than you what is a good fit for your lifestyle, family, decor and good sense. You trusted your good taste with the living environment you already have, and selecting an Oriental Rug to go with it is no more difficult.

4) Consider use and durability.
Explain to the dealer where you intend to place the rug in your home and the requirements for long wear. Hard wear at the door, pets, sunlight streaming through a south-facing window, high traffic hallways or family rooms--all these situations should be considered along with your color preferences and sense of style.

5) Test it before you buy it.
If you buy locally, take a few rugs home with you. View the rug on your own floor during different times of the day, in daytime and with evening lamp lighting. You should feel comfortable with the way it looks and the way it feels to the touch. You should always be able to take a rug home on approval without committing to a purchase.