Gregorian Educational Series

Arthur T. Gregorian’s father was a simple uneducated man who, four generations ago, boldly spoke about the importance of education. It is no wonder that education continues to be a Gregorian family tradition today.


The Gregorians share their knowledge of buying, owning and collecting handmade Oriental rugs. This month’s feature: Decorating with Oriental Rugs

A Rug Weaver’s Tale

This educational outreach program for children is a hands-on learning program based on the art and culture of the oriental rug. Offered by Melissa Gregorian, who created the program in 1995, A Rug Weaver’s Tale helps children experience the art and craft of another culture, develop a positive attitude toward multiculturalism, and develop a broad set of skills and knowledge.


Gregorian-authored books and publications are summarized. Out of print books are usually available in local libraries or available for sale in very limited quantities at the Bazaar. John Gregorian’s newest book, Oriental Rugs of the Silk Route - culture, process, and selection was released May 2000 and is now available at your favorite booksellers, at the Bazaar, or at our Newton store.


The Gregorian Family Collection has been exhibited in over 70 libraries and universities. Check the Events Calendar for upcoming and current exhibit locations and dates.

Lecture Series

Gregorian lectures, held at schools, local libraries, museums and organizations throughout the year are fun and informative for audiences of all ages. The highly popular Trash or Treasure Series is held at the Newton store.


List of terms with explanations for many of the words used to discuss oriental rugs with an emphasis on words used on this site.