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5 Ways to Hang Your Oriental Rug Without Damaging Your Wall June 06, 2016

Do you own an Oriental rug but are not sure on how you should display it? Oriental rugs are both timeless and valuable. If your oriental rug is an antique, you may not want to position it on the floor in fear of additional stress. One creative use for an oriental rug that you should consider is hanging it on the wall. Oriental rugs are beautiful in its design and color, which makes it a perfect option to cover any barren walls or blank space. The only issue is that rugs tend to be very heavy, which can cause damage to the wall itself. Here are five ways you can hang your oriental rug without causing damage to the walls in your home.


Many experts would agree that Velcro is the safest option when it comes to hanging your rug on the wall. This method would require that you hand stitch Velcro to the back of your rug. This may be intimidating at first, but you can be sure the Velcro is easy to remove when sowed onto the rug instead of using a sticky back Velcro solution.


The second best solution is by stitching a casing to the back of the rug. The casing is a tube of fabric that is used to hold onto a rug, the rod will be latched onto the rug. This method requires extra work but it also a safe and effective method for heavier rugs.

Carpet Clamps:

Carpet clamps are used in many art museums and showrooms. The only issue is that the weight distribution of the rug can be uneven if a rug clamp is used. This can have an ill effect on the shape of the rug over a long period of time.

Layer on a Rod:

This method is ideal for smaller rugs but may not be a great idea for larger, heavier rugs. The layer method calls for multiple rugs laying over each other while placed on a rod attached to the wall.

Carpet Strips:

You can purchase tackles carpet strips at any home improvement store, they are usually used to secure carpeting on the floor but can also be used to hang carpets on to the wall. This method is the most cost effective but risks damage to the rug itself. The fibers of the rug may be pulled out due to the metal tacks of the carpet strip.

Mohtashem Keshan
Mohtashem Keshan