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Choosing the Right Area Rug for the Holidays December 07, 2015

After the Christmas tree has been decorated and the house is covered in Christmas lights, your home is almost ready for the holiday season. The best way to decorate your home this holiday season is by picking out perfect textile additions to your home such as an area rug. A simple patterned rug will work great for the rest of the year, but for the holidays, you would want to choose a rug that best fits your home’s décor. Your home is already filled with bright and vibrant colors, but choose the right area rug can go a long way with how you are decorating your home. Here is how you can choose a rug that is right for you.

•    Rug Size

Choosing the right size is important because you don’t want to choose a rug that barely covers the floor of the room. For the Dining room, the rug should cover the area of the dining table and some space behind the chairs of the dining table.

•    Bold Colors

When choosing an area rug, don’t be afraid to use bold colors. The holiday season is not the time to stray away from bold color choices but to embrace them.

•    Holiday Colors

Using traditional holiday colors such as greens and reds is a great place to start when choosing an area rug for Christmas while blues and whites are great for Hanukkah. If a general holiday theme is what you are going for then, a color scheme based off of white to mimic snow is a great choice.

•    Durable Fibers

A great color for your rug is important, but remember that during the holidays, the rug will be seeing a tremendous amount of foot traffic. Choose an area rug that is sturdy and that will hold up to all the people that will be walking across it.