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Cleaning Your Oriental Rug the Responsible Way March 25, 2010

To protect the investment you, your parents, or even your grandparents have made in your Oriental Rug, it is important to have the rug professionally cleaned every 3-5 years, or even more frequently if it is in a high traffic area. Dirt, sand, dust and moisture that gets ground into the rug can damage the wool fibers and shorten the number of years of enjoyment you will receive from your rug. A regular cleaning schedule also allows our professionals to inspect your rug for worn spots, weak areas and damage caused by moths and other insects. Early detection of these problems can result in invisable and inexpensive repairs rather than larger, harder to conceal work that may be needed due to too long an interval between cleanings and inspections.

That said, a hand-made Oriental Rug should not be cleaned like any other rug. It takes a careful process to remove trapped dirt and restore the luster to the individual fibers. Here at Gregorian’s we use a proven, environmentally responsible process:

1. Tumble – It’s just like it sounds! We gently tumble the rug to remove dirt particles.

2. Wash – We soak the rug in a solution of clear water and mild, biodegradable detergent, then lightly scrub to force out dirt. We avoid the harsh chemicals that other cleaners use to help preserve the rug and the environment. For an even more environmentally friendly process, ask about our "Pure Water Wash" process.

3. Rinse – The rug is then flushed with clear water to remove the soap and loosened dirt.

4. Dry – We squeegee the rug and hang it vertically for the most effective drying, at a constant temperature. This can take several days.

5. Fringe Grooming – Once dry, we wash the rug’s fringes by hand. No bleach is used.

Cleaning older rugs, flat weaves and those made of silk or other delicate material require more care and attention. Each rug is cleaned section by section, by hand. Silk is never rubbed, only daubed.

During the cleaning process we inspect the rug again and identify any areas of wear or damage that can be repaired or restored. We then will call you with our recommendations and pricing for your approval before doing any work.

My grandfather always said, “Take good care of your rugs and they will take good care of you.” Protect your investment and give your Oriental rug a long life by following a recommended cleaning schedule. Contact us by phone at (617) 244-2553, or by email at sgregorian@gregorianrugs.com if you have any questions.