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Establishing Tone with an Oriental Rug September 18, 2009

Did you know that the floor accounts for one-third of a room’s total space? This makes the floor an important decorative component. For centuries, handmade Oriental rugs have made a defining fashion statement in floor covering. Today, the versatility in patterns, colors, styles, materials and designs have made Oriental rugs a preferred choice among interior designers for both residential and commercial décor. 

An Oriental rug can literally be the starting point for room design. Choose from the rich color palette of a handmade Oriental rug to set the tone for a room’s entire color scheme, including wall coverings, window treatments and furniture selection. 

Pattern is another factor in setting the tone for a room. A traditionally patterned Oriental rug can be matched up with a formal furniture style, while a bolder, more modern rug pattern is perfect for contemporary furniture designs.

Incorporating an Oriental rug into existing décor is also a relatively simple process. The infinite variety of colors and patterns available in today’s rugs offer nearly limitless choices to complement a room. Of equal importance is the wide array of sizes from which to choose. You can cover an entire space with a room-size rug, or highlight sections of rooms with smaller rugs and runners. 

Few other decorating options offer the variety, flexibility and lasting value of a handmade Oriental rug. A quality rug can set the stage for all that happens in a room, or can transform an existing room into an exciting new space.

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