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How Do You Choose The Perfect Area Rug? July 07, 2015

An area rug can be the missing piece of texture, color, or design that can really pull together the look of your entire room. More specifically, adding an area rug to a room with hard wooden floors can create multi-levels of texture that is both stylish and unique to the room. The key to finding a perfect area rug is by choosing the right size that will fit the room and the furniture around it.

A good way to determine the perfect size rug for your room is by measuring out the room that you need to cover first. After you have the right dimensions for your room, there are a couple of things that you should consider when choosing the right area rug for your room.

·       Rug Dimensions: A 5x8 rug size is great for smaller rooms, home offices and placed underneath coffee tables or in living rooms. A rug size of 8x10 or larger is best used for living rooms, great rooms, or dining rooms.

·       Fitting All Four Legs: When choosing a rug specifically to be placed underneath a table or coffee table, understand that the rug should be able to fit all four legs of the table. The rug should be large enough to fit at lease the front 2 legs of furniture surrounding the table.

·       Dining Room: The area rug to a dining room should extend far enough so that the rug can still cover the room behind the chairs of the dining room table after they are pulled out. Add 8” to your area rug as a great point of reference.

·       Equal Parts Rug to Floor: Keeping in mind that having equal parts of exposed floor space to covered rug space can give a sense of balance to a room. Try to avoid an area rug that is so large that the rug touches the baseboard around the room.

·       Under the Bed: The bed will cover most of the area on the rug, but you should try to measure out at least three foot of space on each side of the bed. A cost effective method to achieve the same effect is by using multiple smaller area rugs instead of one large one. This method will allow you to mix and match different patterns of area rugs.

Using an area rug to effectively can add an extra layer of depth to any room décor and when done right, can make an old room seem new again.

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