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How to Appraise a Persian Rug. August 13, 2015

Persian Rugs are great additions to your home. There are different styles and varieties of Persian Rugs, but not all of them have the same value. You can judge the value of a Persian rug by the quality of material and how well it has aged. In the case of antique Persian Rugs, appraising the rugs can be extremely difficult because of its age, repair history, or condition. Here are 5 appraisal tips that till help you calculate the value of your Persian Rug.

1)    The Knots: The “kpsi” or knots per square inch can determine the value of an antique rug. The knots can be found if you were to flip over the carpet and check the knots in a square inch space. The value of the rug increases with a number of knots found in the kpsi.  An average kpsi can range from 35 to 50 knots whereas a rug with a higher market value can have up to a couple of hundred knots.

2)    The Color: Rugs that use natural dyes are valued higher than rugs that use synthetic dyes. The use of synthetic dyes are common practice in the manufacturing of rugs because of how vibrant the colors can be, but the use of natural dyes give a more muted color and is the traditional practice of making a rug.

3)    The Pattern: The design of each rug is determined by the region and historic value of the rug. Doing research on the pattern and design of the rug can determine the value and its place in history.

4)    The Damage: An antique rug will have signs of distress, faded colors, or any signs of repairs. Distressed or faded rugs have a lower market value but now can be categorized an antique.

5)    The Signature: Like most paintings, a signature of the person who woven the rug can be found stitched in the rug’s pattern. The value of the rug can increase based on who made the rug and if the rug makers work is in demand.

The most effective way to appraise a Persian Rug is by bringing in a professional to help. Persian rugs are timeless pieces of work and should be valued by someone who has an extensive amount of experience working and dealing with them. 

Mohtashem Keshan
Mohtashem Keshan