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How to Care for an Area Rug February 29, 2016

If you happen to own an area rug, then you must already be familiar with exactly how much effort it takes to keep your area rug looking new. Owning an area rug can be a costly investment, which means that replacing an area rug would very rarely ever happen and a stained or dirty rug can dramatically bring down the ambiance of the entire room. Here are some suggestions to keep your area rug looking great, this includes basic rug care, extended rug care, and deep cleaning.

Basic Rug Care:

•    Vacuuming should be done as often as floor sweeping or carpet vacuuming. Vacuuming removes dirt and grime from the rug. Be careful around the fringes of your rug, the vacuum may pull on the side fringes, which can cause damage to the rug.

•    Use a brush to remove any excess hair from the rug. Vacuuming may not pick up strains of hair.

•    Rotate the area rug a few times during the year. Factors such as sunlight and foot traffic can quickly damage an area rug, rotating the rug will allow the distribution of stress on the area rug over time.

Extended Rug Care:

•    For fur rugs or sheepskin rugs, use talcum powder on the rug. Let the talcum powder sit on the rug for several hours, then bring the entire rug outside and shake it off. For rugs that have long fur hairs, this process should be repeated several times.

•    For braided hair rugs, a technique of using a commercial carpet cleaning solution and a sponge should be applied. After, rinse the rug with water and leave it on a towel until it is completely dry.

•    Handmade or antique area rugs are more delicate which means that a vacuum should not be used directly on the rug. Place a nylon screen over the rug, use a vacuum attachment and vacuum over the screen. If you do not feel comfortable with cleaning an antique area rug, consult a professional rug cleaner to answer any questions you may have.

Deep Rug Cleaning:

•    Before looking for any rug specific cleaning solutions, check if the rug has any labels that will provide instructions for proper rug cleaning.

•    For the use of a commercial cleaning product, test the cleaning product on the small area of the rug that would be unnoticeable. Check if the colors are affected the commercial cleaning solution.

•    Once you have approved the use of the commercial cleaning product, use the same cleaning technique as for braided hair rugs. Rinse the rug with water and let the area rug dry thoroughly afterward. The last step should be vacuuming the rug one last time.