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How To Choose an Area Rug as the Focal Point of your Home October 24, 2016

How do you choose a bold rug for your home, first look at what colors are already in the room? Secondly, identify what floors you currently have whether they are hardwood floors, or tile and what wall colors you have. Once you have identified these aspects it makes it much easier to choose the right rug for your space. 
Some tips we recommend is to try and choose a rug that has at least one to two colors in your current room, or colors that will easily fit with others. It would work perfectly, if you can choose your furniture and area rug together, it will take the hassle out of finding the perfect match later.
Try to choose bold patterns and neutral colors.   most people when referring to bold think of vivid colors, patterns, and over the top designs but it doesn't have to be that way. Bold can use neutral colors and have very large and powerful images to make it become the focal point of the room. Rooms that already have a bold wall or furniture colors such as red, orange, or even royal blue tend to have heavy color already in them. The way to unite floors with the bright walls is by using bold patterned neutral area rugs. The look is pulled together and doesn't distract the eyes.
Remain cognizant of the colors you already have in the room and what pieces will bring the room together.  Changing the look and feel of your space doesn't have to break the bank. Using what you already have and building is more and combining neutral and colorful can serve to be more beneficial than you may think. 
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