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How to Sell Your Oriental Rug or Persian Rug March 30, 2016

The value of an Oriental rug is not how much the rug was purchased for or the cost but how much it means to the owner. Oriental rugs were made to last for a very long time, in fact these rugs may change owners through inheritance. The issue is that not everyone may share the same taste in home décor. If you find yourself in possession of an Oriental rug or Persian rug and are thinking about selling your rug, here are some tips on how you can properly sell your rug.  

1)      Selling Local:

Sell your oriental rug yourself by utilizing your local newspaper or posting images of your rug on bulletin boards. Make sure to include pricing too. Also, ask anyone you know who might be interested in purchasing an oriental rug from you. Have an image of the rug with you at all times just in case.

2)      Selling Online:

Take a digital image of the rug and list it on one of the selling venues such as Craigslist. Make sure that you list the asking price and describe your oriental rug in great detail, listing all of the benefits of the rug including the color, pattern and the condition that it is currently in.

3)      Local Rug Store:

Some local Rug stores have a buy-back program in which they are able to purchase the rug from you outright. Do some research on the reputation of the rug store and make sure that you receive a receipt after selling the rug to the local Rug store.

4)      Trading Up:

If you are in the market for a new rug, ask the local rug seller if you are able to trade in your rug towards the purchase of a new rug.

5)      Furniture Seller:

Some furniture stores offer a buying program for rugs. Research for reputable furniture resellers in your area.

If you are unsure of your asking price, consider hiring a professional rug appraiser to access the condition of your rug and how much would be a fair asking price. An appraiser may be brought in if the rug in question is an antique piece that may have significant value.