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Institute of Classical Architecture & Art October 31, 2013

The New England Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art congratulates Adriance Furnituremakers of South Dartmouth & Newton Lower Falls, MA for its winning entry in the 2013 Bulfinch Awards. The Federal Demilune Hall Table was selected by the jury as the winner in the category for Craftsmanship & Artisanship.  

This category is intended for individuals and companies within the six New England states: Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, that work in the allied arts.  The award is named for Charles Bulfinch, America’s first native-born architect, and designer of the Massachusetts State House. The award recognizes the best work of individuals and companies who contribute to the creation of classical and traditional architecture and art in New England.


The award ceremony will be held at the Massachusetts State House on the evening of November 14th.  

For Tickets and More Information: www.classicist-ne.org


Adriance Furnituremakers Workshop & Showroom

288 Gulf Road, South Dartmouth

Gregorian Rug & Furniture, Newton Lower Falls

www.adriance.com    www.gregorianrugs.com


Our exquisite mahogany Federal Demilune Table, which garnered this award, was custom designed for a Boston client, and is a tribute to an original 1794 masterwork by John Seymour of Boston. Seymour was trained in London, and emigrated to Boston in 1792. The original card table was discovered on Antiques Road Show in 1997, and sold later for $540,000!

Our table, taking artistic license from the antique, features a neoclassical theme of three bellflower garlands with bowknots, inlaid into a ribbon mahogany apron. Graduated bellflower inlays descend from the bowknots onto satinwood panels, let into the tapered legs with hand-carved therm feet.

The tripartite bellflowers display the technique of sand-shading, whereby the edges of the overlapping petals are scorched in hot sand to produce a realistic visual depth.

The swirl-mahogany top is inlaid with a necklace of holly leaves and berries around its perimeter. Inlaid contrasting satinwood with black-white borders at the top edge and apron emphasize the curved form. 
Approximately 475 inlay elements were hand-cut from veneers using carving gouges. Each was then knifed-traced on the primary wood. Recesses were hand-cut with gouges and tiny router bits, and the parts glued into place.

To allow for uninterrupted veneering of the curved apron, the middle legs were double blind-tenoned into the apron from below. The resplendent patina is French-polished and rubbed by hand with multiple layers of finish.

The design influence of our Demilune Table emanates from late eighteenth century London, when Adam’s architecture books championed neoclassical taste. Hepplewhite’s and Sheraton’s design books advanced this aesthetic refinement, presenting optimal treatments for furniture. 

In the years following the Revolution, America’s newly minted citizens sought a collective identity. They also embraced the motifs of antiquity to inspire a sense of confidence in their new republic, hence the American Federal Style. 

The pivotal furnituremakers of that era created dignified masterpieces of graceful proportion rendering beauty, both visible and functional, evincing a truly breathtaking American resolve. 

Today's furniture connoisseur judges designs based on their mastery of proportions, quality of materials, sophistication of ornamentation, and fine craftsmanship. Gary Adriance Furniture heirlooms attempt to embrace these attributes as well.

You too may own a classic and enduring exemplar of our American heritage. If you relish meticulous attention to detail, crisp carvings and exuberant turnings, Adriance Furnituremakers will handcraft an American heirloom for you and generations to treasure.