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Maintaining Your Oriental Rug April 30, 2016

Depending on what kind of rug you choose for your living space, an oriental rug can create an atmosphere that promotes upscale beauty, artistic expression, and elegance. Oriental rugs are an investment in your home’s décor. Along with everything that you receive in owning an oriental rug, it also comes with everything you should do in order to maintain the rug here are some helpful tips on how you can properly maintain your oriental rug.

1.    Rotate the Rug:

We recommend that the rug owner should rotate the Oriental rug regularly. Some professionals may recommend that you rotate the rug once every year or so. If the rug is placed in an area that sees heavy foot traffic, rotating the rug will ensure that the rug will see the same level of stress evenly instead of just one place.

2.    Protection from Sunlight:

Over the course of the time in which you own the rug, sunlight can cause the dye in your oriental rug to fade dramatically. Try your best to prevent sunlight from reaching the rug.

3.    Vacuuming:

We all know that rugs require constant vacuuming efforts, Oriental Rugs, in particular, require routine vacuuming to prevent the natural fibers within the rug from being too packed down by constant foot traffic.

4.    Cleaning Spots:

If not treated quickly, stains can easily develop on the rug itself. Remember to use water and natural cleaning products to treat stains. Using harsher chemicals may alter the color of the rug and even damage the fibers.

5.    Use Padding:

When you place padding beneath your Oriental Rug, it keeps the rug stable and protects the shape of the rug, while reducing wrinkles. Padding will make the rug safer and more comfortable to walk on.

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