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Making a Large Room More Intimate with Oriental Rugs May 25, 2009

If you home has large open space — perhaps a great room, family room or finished basement — you can soften the space and make it more inviting without building walls. For centuries, interior designers have used carefully placed Oriental rugs to “define” large spaces by creating communal areas for entertaining, reading and conversation.

For example, an open floor plan often features a dining room that flows into a living area. It can be difficult to tell when you cross from one into the other. To alleviate this problem, place a subtly patterned Oriental rug under the dining room table (choosing a rug large enough to encompass the dining chairs, as well). Then select a room-size Oriental to create an “island” effect in the living room. Now you have clearly delineated the two spaces.

This can even work within a single large room. You can choose one rug to serve a cluster of comfortable seating around a fireplace, with smaller rugs spaced to separate a reading or television area, or under a home office desk.

The rugs you use don’t necessarily have to match, but they shouldn't appear so small that the room appears fragmented.  You can choose Oriental rugs of entirely different patterns and colors to clearly divide the room. Or select rugs in the same family of patterns and colors to tie together the separate areas.

We have lots more great ideas on how to decorate your home or office with Oriental rugs. We invite you to stop by our showroom to explore your many options.