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Wash Winter Grime Away, Schedule a Cleaning Today July 02, 2011

Throughout the winter months you have been tracking in sand, salt, and dirt from outside into your home. Rugs in high foot traffic areas, such as entryways and hallways, are especially susceptible to grit and grime.  This dirt can get into your Oriental Rug, making it lose its vibrant color, and causing it to look old and worn.

No matter what age, style, or size your Oriental Rug is, an expert cleaning from Gregorian’s restoration team will have your rug looking like new for the summer months!

 Durable Rugs are first tumbled to remove dirt particles from the foundation. Then the rug is flooded with a mild detergent and placed on a conveyor that moves the rug through a horizontal wash cycle with agitating scrubbers that loosen and force out the dirt. The rug is then flushed with high-powered hoses to remove the soap. Once clean, the rug is squeegeed and vertically raised for drying, a process that may take several days at constant 70-80 degree temperatures. Once brought down, the fringes are washed and scrubbed by hand. No bleach is used, as bleach deteriorates the cotton fringes over time.
Older or Fragile Rugs made from unusual fabrics like silk, goat and camel hair are hand-cleaned. First they are gently vacuumed. Then, literally on their hands and knees, rug technicians very gently scrub small sections at a time, front and back, with the correct brush or towels. Special attention is given to individual stains, traffic lanes, or other areas of concern. Silk is never scrubbed, only daubed. After being allowed to dry, they are again vacuumed to restore the original luster of the wool.

Our experience restoration team will get your rug back to looking brand new using the latest cleaning methods. If you’d like, we’ll even come to your home and pick up your Oriental Rug and return it after it has been thoroughly cleaned.

For a hassle-free, professional Oriental Rug cleaning call Gregorian Rugs at (617) 244-2553, or visit our website (http://gregorianrugs.com/) to schedule a rug cleaning today!