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Why You Need Scheduled Rug Cleanings December 19, 2016

A beautiful oriental rug is an investment to your home that needs proper care. Oriental rugs can be both functional and decorative and often times serve as the focal point of the room. But without proper care after a few years you may find your beautiful rug looking less than perfect.

Cleaning improves the appearance and dramatically increases the life of your Oriental Rugs.We recommend cleaning at least every 3-5 years, especially if used in high traffic areas, with large families, or where pets, eating, or dampness are a concern. Walkways, entry halls and mud rooms, and other extended use areas like hotel lobbies may require cleaning every year or two. The more traffic a rug is subjected to the more often a rug will need to be cleaned.

When it comes to cleaning your oriental rugs there are a few different methods. For durable rugs the process is a little more in depth. First the rugs are tumbled to remove dirt particles from the foundation. Then the rug is flooded with a mild detergent and placed on a conveyor that moves the rug through a horizontal wash cycle with agitating scrubbers that loosen and force out the dirt. The rug is then flushed with high-powered hoses to remove the soap. Once clean, the rug is squeegeed and vertically raised for drying, a process that may take several days at constant 70-80 degree temperatures. Once brought down, the fringes are washed and scrubbed by hand. No bleach is used, as bleach deteriorates the cotton fringes over time.

Rugs that are older, more delicate, or made from unusual fabrics like silk, goat and camel hair must be hand-cleaned. We first  gently vacuumed each rug, rug technicians then very gently scrub small sections at a time, front and back, with the correct brush or towels. Special attention is given to individual stains, traffic lanes, or other areas of concern. Silk is never scrubbed, only daubed. After being allowed to dry, they are again vacuumed to restore the original luster of the wool.

Scheduled rug cleanings are an important part of owning an oriental rug and are crucial in maintaining them for many years to come. If you are in need of an oriental rug cleaning please call the professionals at Gregorian Rug located in Newton MA.