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Why You Should Hang Your Rug on the Wall. August 24, 2015

Many people do not realize that rugs are just as an effective decorative piece hanging on the wall as it is lying on the floor of your room. As seen in magazines or photo shoots, the use of rugs, mounted on walls can add incredible amounts of depth, texture and color to a rather empty or plain wall. Here are five ways that a decorative area rug can change the way you perceive a room.

1)    Against a Flat Painted Wall: Using a heavily textured area rug against a plain white wall can break-up the empty space that you would normally see in the room. The textures and dramatic change in color and can really add a depth of color to the room that normally would not be there.

2)    Covering up Space: The use of a large area rug can cover a lot of real-estate when decorating a room. This method is cost effective and can additionally make a bold statement.

3)    Above your Bed: Having an area rug mounted above or near your bed space can create a sense of warmth in the room. The added rug can also absorb sounds making the bedroom a quieter place.

4)    Smaller Rugs: The use of smaller rugs or narrow runners can create a sense of transition when moving around the space of the room.

5)    Instead of Art Pieces: The intricacy of patterns on the rug can be used as a substitute for wall art pieces. Instead of mounting paintings on the wall, try using a very detailed Persian rug in its place.    

Bidjar 6'8
Bidjar 6'8" x 11'2"

Malayir 7'11
Malayir 7'11" x 9'8"