I’m sure you realize how congenial each of your staff members are--from sales to the young men who carry rugs to the car--we can’t say enough about these people. Most sales people just want to sell, your people want their customer to truly enjoy what has been purchased and there is the difference.
    - J.&A.R., Swampscott, MA

Everyone is too busy these days. I’m sure you and your business are pressed for time. I can’t thank you enough--not for taking time to serve the community, but for giving of your time to provide a quality, memorable learning experience for so many children.
    - E.C., Hunnewell School, Wellesley, MA

Since the early 50’s my husband and I hear praise of the Gregorian rugs and your gallery. We have three rugs and wish to report that I’m especially happy with the installation last Wednesday by Mike. He did a fine, careful job, very courteously. He was a pleasure to have in the house. Our dog thought so too.
    - Mrs. M.K.D., Norton MA

My rugs still warm my heart each day. I have fond memories of the first time we met and of the times we came to your wonderful store - a long association which taught us much and enriched the lives of our whole family.
    - Mrs. H.T.W., Bar Harbor, ME

Your salesman gave me invaluable advice and help. It took me a long time to make my decision, but he was never impatient or patronizing, making me feel that ultimate customer satisfaction was more important to him than sales.
    - Mrs. J.C.M., Boston, MA

It's not too often these days - as a matter of fact it’s awfully rare - that one comes across an individual ready and willing to be helpful without any expectation of reward.
    - G.H.R. Weston, MA