Oriental Rugs of the Silk Route - Culture, Process, and Selection

John Gregorian

An illustrated tour of the modern-day Oriental Rug-weaving centers of The Silk Route with compelling text and stunning color photographs complemented by vintage black-and-white images that transport you to Middle Eastern villages and cities, taking you inside the rug-making culture. From colorfully dressed peasants tending sheep, carding wool, and boiling natural dyes in Turkey and India's remote rug-weaving villages and trading centers to the sophisticated showrooms and The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, as well as mosques, temples, restaurants and homes where beautiful rugs are on display. A rich and authoritative volume that travels behind the scenes of the mysterious, exotic cultures famous for this centuries-old art form.

Chapters cover the history and lore of the Silk Route and the famous weaving centers of India and Turkey, relating stories of the weavers, dyers, and merchants and their superstitions, religious symbolism and Middle Eastern aesthetics. Also included is a wealth of rug examples and information on the rugs themselves, such as rug types, dyes, symbolism, weaving techniques, and knots. There is also much expert advice for rug buyers: an assessment of the rug-making industry today; a complete guide to evaluating and purchasing a rug; a discussion of buying and trading customs; and tips on negotiating abroad as well as on decorating with oriental rugs throughout the home. A glossary provides definitions of Oriental Rug terminology, while a helpful appendix rounds out the book with a complete discussion of cleaning and repair.

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