Rug Care Tips

A quality Oriental Rug is an investment than can provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Properly cared for and maintained, a genuine Oriental Rug can even become an heirloom to be treasured for generations. Here are some tips on treating your Oriental Rug right.

Emergency Care Tips

If an accidental spill should occur, here is what to do.

  • Act quickly!
  • Scrape solids.
  • Don't wet too much.
  • Use lanolin based soaps.
  • Dab with clean area of towel.
  • Work stain from outside to center.
  • Scrub sturdy rugs.
  • Blot fragile or silk rugs - never rub.
  • Test rug first for color run.
  • Work with the pile, not against it.
  • Dry completely.
  • If in doubt, always let a professional clean your rug.

Specific Stains Tips

  • Coffee, tea, wine, urine:  Blot immediately. Scrub with lanolin soap. Dab dry.
  • Grease, cosmetics, gum:  Scrape off excess Dab on dry-cleaning fluid. Squeeze with paper towel. Dab with lanolin detergent. Dab dry.
  • Chocolate, blood, glue, milk, soda:  Scrape off excess. Blot immediately. Scrub with lanolin soap. Apply ammonia solution (1 T ammonia to 1/2 pint warm water). Dab dry.

General Care Tips

  • Beat durable rugs to remove grit from deep pile.
  • Vacuum regularly, avoiding fringes.
  • Wash rugs with lanolin-based soap.
  • Always test for color fastness before washing.
  • Leave silk rug cleaning to a professional.