With Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning improves the appearance and significantly increases the longevity of your Oriental Rug. In general, we recommend cleaning every three to five years. In higher traffic areas, such as homes with large active families, hallways, kitchens and entries cleaning may be required every year or two.

Cleaning Process

The first part of the cleaning process is agitation to loosen dirt that is beneath the surface of the pile. This is done by vacuuming and vibrating the rug pile side down to eliminate embedded soil. Next, the rug is wet and scrubbed with a mild detergent. This may be done more than one time. Once the rinse water is clear the rug is run through hard rubber rollers to remove almost all of the moisture. After that the rug is hung in the drying room, with high temperature air circulating, for approximately twenty four hours. The rug is taken down, the fringes cleaned and brushed.

Antique or Delicate Carpets

Fine antique rugs, rugs with silk and any carpet that requires gentle cleaning, needs to be cleaned by hand. These rugs are gently vacuumed and washed by hand. We use a mild detergent and soft brushes or white cloth to loosen and remove soil. Special attention is given to stains, treating them as needed. We believe it is better for some portion of a stain remain, rather than a too harsh treatment, which is ultimately harmful.

Pure Water Wash

For people with allergies and environmental concerns a Pure Water Wash is offered. This is done first thing in the morning right after the lines have been rinsed through. The dusting process is the same as it is for regular cleaning. Then the rugs are cleaned with tepid water that has nothing added to it. That is followed by a run through the rollers and drying with heated air. This cleaning is not as likely to remove certain stains.

Additional Services

We offer moth resist, deodorizing and an anti mildew treatment, as needed.

Pick Up and Delivery

Call 617-244-2553 to schedule pick up and return delivery. You can bring cleaning in any time we are open. We are happy to carry your rugs inside.