With Expert Repair

Repair prevents further deterioration of your Oriental Rug. Restoration brings it as close to the original appearance and construction as possible. Part of our repair and restoration process includes cleaning the rug prior to service.

Fringe Repair 
Fringe repair includes overcasting, a stitch using a waxed linen thread that prevents further unravelling of the fringe ends of the rug. It can be done ‘as is’ following the contour of the end, or ‘evened off’ which creates a straighter end and involves some end removal. We will do the one that most suits you and your rug.

Edge Repair and Restoration

Partial edges covers the worn areas of the edge, stopping the wear from reaching the body of the rug. If the wear is excessive the edge can be strengthened and rewrapped completely. When the edge is badly damaged it can fully restored. The edge material is replaced, attached to the body of the rug and fully rewrapped.

Reweaving and Patching

Structural damage has several causes. The three most common ones are dry rot, moth damage and general wear. Dry rot is caused when a carpet goes through cycles of wet and drying out. A flower pot or leak are the most typical causes. Moth damage is caused by an infestation of wool moths. They are most destructive in their larval stage. They can eat away large areas of the pile, or attack from beneath a piece of furniture. Wear over time is simply that, the wearing away of the carpet’s structural elements.

The simplest and often least expensive repair is applying a burlap patch to the back of the rug with an adhesive. This prevents the dry rotted area from falling apart and stops moth eaten knots from coming out. We have fragments of hundreds of rugs. We can find a piece that matches the damaged rug, sew it in and use the burlap to hold it in place.

When there is a desire to fully restore your rug we reweave the damaged parts. This may involve the recreation of the original warps and wefts finished by hand tying new knots that follow the pattern of the rug. This is the most time intensive, highly skilled and expensive method of rug restoration. There are variations and combinations of the methods. We will work with you to arrive at the one that is best for your particular carpet.


Other Services

  • We can reduce, or change the size of an existing rug to better suit your needs.

  • Adding a hanging strip to display a rug on wall.

  • Install and remove stair carpets.

  • Call 617-244-2553 to discuss any of your Oriental Rug repair and restoration questions.